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At Annashae, we deliver critical staffing solutions based on in-depth expertise and experience to ensure continuity of care. We deliver cost-effective solutions to organizations of all sizes and within virtually every segment of the broader healthcare industry. Our services are available 24-hours per day, 7 days per week.

We offer innovative medical recruitment practices, high credentialing standards, customizable searches, and a dedicated team to serve your ongoing staffing needs.

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Clients What to Expect

What to Expect

We expect to achieve positive outcomes for your patients and bring continuous value to your organization. After all, they are the most critical component in the equation. In order to do that, your facility must be fully staffed with qualified medical professionals.

The ongoing shortage of medically-trained staff continues to create significant gaps in patient care. Our unique position within the industry, nearly 40 years of service in the healthcare sector, and strong relationships allow us to help you fill virtually any type of opening within your facility.

Why Annashae?

There are many reasons, but our people top the list. We are exhaustive in our vetting procedures, ensuring that our clients benefit from working with the ideal individual for each open position.

Our matches are hand-in-glove because we take the time to learn each position, as well as building a full understanding of each client’s needs while focusing on the end goal – your patients.

Clients Why Annashae

Our Approach

We begin our approach by fully assessing your facility’s needs. Each healthcare organization is unique in a number of ways, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Each clinician we partner with has specific strengths and skills, and we match the organization to the individual.

The first step in that process is getting to know your organization, its challenges, pain points, and key hurdles.

Next, we determine which of those challenges we can help you overcome via our unique healthcare staffing strategies and medical recruitment capabilities.

Finally, we connect you with the staff you need to deliver outstanding care for your patients and ensure your facility runs smoothly.

“Our ability to deliver outstanding support and match our clients with top-tier clinicians is why so many continue to work with us time and time again.”

Clients Joint Commission

Federal and State Government Agencies

It is an honor to serve our active-duty military service members and veterans providing healthcare staffing services for government facilities and agencies. From the DoD to the VA, Annashae delivers short and long-term help where it is needed most. As a registered government contractor, we understand the distinctions involved in working within this sector and offer specialized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of government agencies, including:

  • Identifying underlying challenges and pain points
  • Recruiting and screening licensed physicians
  • Maintaining an understanding of ever-evolving government- specific credentialing and background requirements
  • Meeting and exceeding contract deliverables
  • Onsite visits with our clients.

Joint Commission Standards

The bar for our credentialing standards is set very high. These form the foundation of any objective evaluation process and are essential for assisting facilities and organizations measure and assess performance and form plans for improvement. Annashae upholds the Joint Commission standards in all aspects of credentialing, ensuring compliance for our clients, and the best possible patient care and safety.

Clients Joint Commission